Iceland Wedding + Elopement Photography \\ Julie + Shane \\ Waterfalls, Abandoned Planes + Glacier Lagoon

December 30, 2014

This fall, Tim and I had the incredible opportunity to go to Iceland and shot a day-after session for one of our favorite couples (happy 2 year anniversary today, guys!). Iceland left us breathless with its incredible scenery, wild and rugged terrain and spectacular natural wonders.  Iceland is truly one of a kind, in a way that can’t even really be described — you just need to visit for yourselves. We knew we wanted to shoot something different with Julie + Shane, and explored secret waterfalls (hello, Gerard Butler encounter!), black sand beaches with abandoned planes, and the stunning Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. Julie’s stunning BHLDN dress was perfectly flowing in the cold, cold, COLD winds (don’t let their smiles fool you!) and they rocked it out despite the freezing temps! We were so blessed to have a perfect + rare sunset at the glacier lagoon to end an epic day of shooting.  Here’s to our favorite wedding shoot to date…enjoy! (PS – Another blog post is coming soon with allll our adventure + travel photos from the week!)
Iceland Wedding Elopement Photography Glacier Lagoon, Vik Wedding PhotosIcelandbyRover0181IcelandbyRover0285IcelandbyRover0568IcelandbyRover0821

Iceland-53Iceland-3JS-Iceland_LFP001JS-Iceland_LFP006JS-Iceland_LFP008JS-Iceland_LFP009JS-Iceland_LFP011JS-Iceland_LFP016JS-Iceland_LFP017Waterfall with Gerard ButlerOh yeah –remember that one time Gerard Butler photobombed our shoot? BEST PHOTOBOMB EVER. Back to the photos  JS-Iceland_LFP023JS-Iceland_LFP032JS-Iceland_LFP033JS-Iceland_LFP035JS-Iceland_LFP040JS-Iceland_LFP039JS-Iceland_LFP043JS-Iceland_LFP024JS-Iceland_LFP047JS-Iceland_LFP049JS-Iceland_LFP050JS-Iceland_LFP051JS-Iceland_LFP053JS-Iceland_LFP055JS-Iceland_LFP066JS-Iceland_LFP068JS-Iceland_LFP069JS-Iceland_LFP070JS-Iceland_LFP072JS-Iceland_LFP073IcelandbyRover0821IcelandbyRover0575Iceland-DRplane-7JS-Iceland_LFP078JS-Iceland_LFP077JS-Iceland_LFP080JS-Iceland_LFP081JS-Iceland_LFP083JS-Iceland_LFP091JS-Iceland_LFP089JS-Iceland_LFP086JS-Iceland_LFP092JS-Iceland_LFP097JS-Iceland_LFP099JS-Iceland_LFP103JS-Iceland_LFP106JS-Iceland_LFP107JS-Iceland_LFP110JS-Iceland_LFP119JS-Iceland_LFP114JS-Iceland_LFP121JS-Iceland_LFP126JS-Iceland_LFP135JS-Iceland_LFP139JS-Iceland_LFP147JS-Iceland_LFP154JS-Iceland_LFP156JS-Iceland_LFP161JS-Iceland_LFP164JS-Iceland_LFP167JS-Iceland_LFP171JS-Iceland_LFP173Iceland-5Iceland-36JS-Iceland_LFP204JS-Iceland_LFP183JS-Iceland_LFP185JS-Iceland_LFP196JS-Iceland_LFP198JS-Iceland_LFP200JS-Iceland_LFP206JS-Iceland_LFP208JS-Iceland_LFP215JS-Iceland_LFP218JS-Iceland_LFP225JS-Iceland_LFP222JS-Iceland_LFP226JS-Iceland_LFP236JS-Iceland_LFP242IcelandbyRover0653JS-Iceland_LFP245JS-Iceland_LFP238JS-Iceland_LFP241JS-Iceland_LFP250JS-Iceland_LFP253JS-Iceland_LFP264JS-Iceland_LFP266JS-Iceland_LFP256JS-Iceland_LFP267JS-Iceland_LFP278JS-Iceland_LFP280JS-Iceland_LFP283IcelandbyRover0776

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  1. Ashley Durance says:

    I am speechless!!! These are unreal!!!!

  2. Sarah Pead says:

    These are incredible y’all! Absolutely love your work!

  3. Karina Jo says:

    Incredible. One of my favorite shoots I’ve ever seen!

  4. Dana DelConte says:

    Awesome work Lauren! I always love seeing your photos!

  5. Jamie Hurley Weitzel says:

    Stunning!!! I can’t decide which ones I love more – the waterfall or the plane wreckage! WOW!!

  6. Unbeliveble beautiful pictures – thanks for theses inspiring pictures!

  7. Hillary Aspenson says:

    I almost choked, these are so incredible!

  8. Urška Majer says:

    WOW! This are incredible! Truly amazing 🙂

  9. Jenna says:

    Stunning…like out of a magazine! Truly amazing photos Lauren! I am in love with the Airplane shots. 🙂

  10. Sarah Van Martin says:

    That’s epic

  11. Helene Krouchick says:


  12. Kim Marie Kazarnowicz says:

    They are gorgeous photos

  13. Voyteck says:

    wow, stunning photos and what an incredible location!!!

  14. Nick White says:

    Awesome work.

  15. Beautiful wedding photos! Loved them all. Going to Iceland in a week, can’t wait to shoot there.

  16. Yana Copek says:

    Beautiful wedding photos! Loved them all. Going to Iceland in a week, can’t wait to shoot there.

  17. Angelina Saturnio says:

    Spectacular photo shoot and memories to last many lifetimes!!

  18. Aryn Sherman says:

    Oh my these are too perfect!

  19. Shannon Council-Bager says:

    Absolutely stunning work!

  20. Belenda Kay Kemp says:

    Truly magical!

  21. mc says:

    I am in love with these!

  22. These photos are absolutely breathtaking. Wow!

  23. Ellen Hobgood says:

    These are the most stunning ! Wedding photos I have seen!

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