Italy Roadtrip \\ Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Florence, Capri + Amalfi Coast

December 5, 2016

YAY! I’m waaaaay overdue on sharing these personal film photos from the summer! Back in June, we had the privilege of shooting an amazing wedding in Umbria, as well as a beautiful engagement session in Cinque Terre and a honeymoon session in Positano! It also happened to fall over our 5-year wedding anniversary ourselves, so we took a few extra days to explore some new regions of Italy we hadn’t visited before! Our itinerary looked a little bit like this: We flew from JFK straight to Milan, and took the scenic route to Cinque Terre by stopping in the gorgeous little towns of Santa Margherita and Portofino! After two nights in Monterosso al Mare, we drove through Florence to stay for a night, Orvieto for two nights for the wedding, and down to the Amalfi Coast for 4 nights! I’ll start by sharing photos from the Italian Riviera (Santa Margherita and Portofino) and Cinque Terre, the scenic 5 towns built into the cliffs above the ocean in North Italy! We absolutely fell in LOVE with Cinque Terre. It doesn’t even look real, and we had such a relaxing few days here! italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0031italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0002italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0097italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0003italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0094italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0175italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0095

After three days, we headed down to beautiful Orvieto for the wedding! This magical little town in Umbria is set high up on a hill, walled in and SO old. After the wedding, we took one day and night to hit the main sights in Florence and visit the Duomo again! italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0181We got caught in a CRAZY thunderstorm in Florence! Just look at that black sky! We waited out the storm inside the cutest restaurant + ate pizza. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon 🙂After Florence, we ended at the INCREDIBLE Amalfi Coast! We stayed in Praiano instead of Positano, mainly because there was nothing available lodging-wise in Positano! But we are so glad that we did – Praiano is the quieter, sleepier neighbor but has perfect views of Positano and Capri! The Amalfi Coast definitely was a bit overwhelming at first – the intense drive in on hairpin turns with sheer drops + tour buses flying past you an inch from your car…but once we started to settle in, we really started to feel like this place was heaven on earth! All the buildings are white + covered in plants…This is our apartment entrance! Each town on the Amalfi Coast was spectacular and had a different feel. Ravello was one of our favorites – perched up on a high hilltop, it had amazing views! italy-on-contax-645-and-g2-fuji-400h-film-amalfi-coast-capri-cinque-terre-and-tuscany_0186Villa Cimbrone was breathtaking! Beautiful Positano! On our last full day, we rented ourselves a boat from the town of Amalfi and sailed ourselves out to Capri!! This was such an adventure + I only got a little seasick! 😉 Capri was truly stunning. It’s hard to even describe how blue the water is there! The main square of Capri! Pro tip – don’t walk all the way up the island like we did! Take the funicular! 😉 We can’t wait to come back to beautiful Italy and explore more! <3



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