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September 6, 2014

In June we had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in Napa Valley and a gorgeous day-after session in Big Sur! We got to explore the little town of Carmel by the Sea and check out the redwood forests again in Big Sur (one of our favorite places ever!).  We were totally blown away by how quaint + charming Carmel is! We stayed for one night at a little b&b called Happy Landing Inn, where each room is named after an iconic Hollywood star (Betty White was our room!). The coast + shoreline there is so beautiful for sunset + surfing – and the houses all look like storybook cottages! We’ll definitely need to come back here as it was way too short of a time to spend, but here’s some of our snaps from our time there!CarmelCaliforniaJune2014004CarmelCaliforniaJune2014007CarmelCaliforniaJune2014023CarmelCaliforniaJune2014029CarmelCaliforniaJune2014038CarmelCaliforniaJune2014045CarmelCaliforniaJune2014046CarmelCaliforniaJune2014049CarmelCaliforniaJune2014052CarmelCaliforniaJune2014054CarmelCaliforniaJune2014056CarmelCaliforniaJune2014058CarmelCaliforniaJune2014060

We ate at Clint Eastwood’s ranch outside of town this night, which had a beautiful view of grazing sheep out to the ocean (there’s pictures on our instagrams, but we didn’t bring the real camera!)CarmelCaliforniaJune2014067CarmelCaliforniaJune2014086CarmelCaliforniaJune2014082CarmelCaliforniaJune2014076CarmelCaliforniaJune2014095CarmelCaliforniaJune2014101CarmelCaliforniaJune2014103CarmelCaliforniaJune2014107CarmelCaliforniaJune2014110CarmelCaliforniaJune2014113CarmelCaliforniaJune2014114CarmelCaliforniaJune2014123CarmelCaliforniaJune2014125CarmelCaliforniaJune2014128

After our Big Sur shoot at Pfeiffer Beach!CarmelCaliforniaJune2014129CarmelCaliforniaJune2014130CarmelCaliforniaJune2014132CarmelCaliforniaJune2014131CarmelCaliforniaJune2014134CarmelCaliforniaJune2014138

I mean, these houses!!!! CarmelCaliforniaJune2014140CarmelCaliforniaJune2014146CarmelCaliforniaJune2014148CarmelCaliforniaJune2014149CarmelCaliforniaJune2014152CarmelCaliforniaJune2014154CarmelCaliforniaJune2014163AndrewJessBigSur-75AndrewJessBigSur-124AndrewJessBigSur-198


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  1. Chrissy Vensel says:

    this place is a dream!! love it!

  2. Christy Tyler says:

    Well, I’ve officially added yet ANOTHER place to our ‘must visit’ list! 😉 These are so gorgeous – and so are the two of you!

  3. Meghan Hill Newsom says:

    There’s a movie on Netflix that is filmed here.. It has the guy who plays PETA in it and it totally made me want to visit/live/explore Carmel! So cool you guys for to!

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