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February 24, 2015

It’s time for another Wedding Friends Spotlight! We took a couple months off for busy season from this little blog series, and we’re back today sharing one of our absolute most talented husband + wife teams we work with, Oleander Florals + Design! Hartman682Hartman840LoveAffairWorkshop-139Hartman581If you’ve been around our blog, Facebook page or Instagram anytime in the past two years, you’ve seen us post LOTS of work with our good friends Oleander Florals + Design. We’re so thrilled to share their gorgeous new website with you all! You can check it out, featuring so many beautiful weddings we’ve worked on together, HERE.  Cynthia + Dave Manchester, the incredibly talented husband + wife duo behind Oleander, share a little about their story like this.


“Cynthia: “So, in spite of all the things we’ve done, I’m really struggling with labeling us as romantic designers. Yes, it’s been 12 plus years and I love you, but really? Is that really us?”

David: “Yeah, babe. You’re missing it.  We’ve been through a lot, more than most… and we’re still here.  We’re real life romantic.”

And so are our clients. Beautifully unique, honestly flawed, filled with joy and sadness, hopes and fears.

Real… raw… and incredibly romantic.

As a couple, we have bonded over a shared love of textures and mediums that embody effortless, simple beauty.  Celebrating the imperfect nature of the materials we use has become not only our way of expressing the real life romance of our clients, it has become our signature.

In creating Oleander, a Boutique Floral & Event Styling Studio, we have founded a partnership uncommon in today’s event design community.

Having trained under some of New York & Philadelphia’s most established floral designers & event stylists, Cynthia’s fine arts and photography background, passion for the botanical and keen sense of environmental design have helped establish Oleander as one of the region’s finest floral & event studios.

David’s successful career in interior architectural design, fabrication, metal casting, concrete sculpting and woodworking for commercial and residential clients throughout the Philadelphia & NYC markets have helped to expand Oleander’s event design capabilities far beyond the traditional.  “

Enjoy a few of our favorite images we’ve shot of Oleander’s work…and if you’re waiting to reach out to a florist til closer to your date, don’t! 😉 These guys book up quickly! And don’t forget to check out their new site!


Barrera-Guthrie156Tucker-Miller_LFP761Barrera-Guthrie624These two have a genuine talent that is rare in the wedding industry – not only do they care immensely about their couples, they have an eye for design, color and texture that is unmatched. The design elements they use are lush, full of interesting arrangements + unexpected combinations to make your wedding florals + decor works of art. Not only are their florals amazing, but with Dave’s custom business Wanderlust Collective, they can incorporate unique handcrafted tables worked in metal, wood, rope, and amazing installations hung from rafters, barn ceilings or really anything…..they can do it all! LoveAffairWorkshop-157BrandonGillianTerrain058McKinlay464BrandonGillianTerrain218

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