Fairhaven Farmhouse \\ the Exterior

April 24, 2015

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve been wanting to share more of our farmhouse renovation on the blog, and today is the day!! For those of you who follow Tim and I on instagram, you know that we live in a super-old farmhouse and we’ve been restoring it for the past 5 years! (#fairhavenfarmhouse on instagram!) Our house is on 40 acres of preserved farmland, which makes for some gorgeous sunsets and allows us to host our workshops and tons of family gatherings at our home! Although we live in an inexpensive area, restoring this house to its previous beauty is a LONG journey and we’ve DIY’d almost every aspect of it ourselves to save money! We’re going to be showing lots of posts in upcoming weeks and months, because who doesn’t love a good before + after? 🙂 We just discovered the show Fixer Uppers on HGTV and it is so inspirational — but whereas they can finish projects in weeks, we’re normally stretching out projects inbetween the craziness of wedding season + working on it when we can! 🙂 Today we’re going to show you a little before + after of the exterior of our farmhouse!

These aren’t the greatest photos, but this gives you an idea of the exterior of our house when we moved in…cheap whitewash finish, colonial accents, a cracked concrete slab for a front porch (which had burned down), and an overabundance of pine trees…

FairhavenFarmhouse01Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0001Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0002We started by having the beautiful stone underneath the plaster repointed, digging up all the broken concrete and pouring a new porch while we also built a brand new wraparound porch…Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0004And here’s after several months of work! We also replaced those country-style doors by Christmas, as you’ll see in the snowy photos…FairhavenFarmhouse05Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0003Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0007Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0008I love how our house looks in the snow! The next big project for the exterior will be to paint the faded stucco in the back part of the house, and get black shutters – stay tuned for an update there! 🙂  (Photo below by Michael Ash / Ash Imagery)FairhavenFarmhouse03hFairhavenFarmhouse04FairhavenFarmhouse02Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0011Another thing I love about our house…the view of sunsets! Fairhaven Farmhouse Renovation_0013Well friends, what do you think? Are any of you currently remodeling or flipping a home, as well? Can’t wait to show you all some of the projects we’ve done to the backyard, and the inside of the house!! Til next time 🙂

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  1. Christy Tyler says:

    You’re really making me want to get some farm land and an old farmhouse myself! It has been a dream of mine for a while now – but Chicago just doesn’t have that many of these options, funny enough?! lol. I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through you! Also – totally obsessed with Fixer Upper over here too!!!!

  2. Emily Rosenberg says:


  3. We just purchased a 1950s home in South Florida and have been slowly but surely making it our own. It still has the original bathrooms and all the glorious pink and green tile. We’ve been working with its charm, and I couldn’t be happier with how things are turning out 🙂

    Wishing you lots of luck with all of your projects!!

  4. Ashley Antkowiak says:

    So gorgeous! I love what you did to the exterior – the porch and exposing that stone are both so great! Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Joy Rilling Cohen says:

    The stone work is AMAZING. Do you pinch yourself every time you drive up your driveway ?

  6. Jennifer LaRocca Marshall says:

    Love what you’ve done so far! Exposing the stones was a fantastic choice, and gives the house so much warmth and character. We bought a little cottage on the Oregon Coast a few years ago and began working on it. We’re currently living overseas, which makes the renovation process extra slow, but we’ll be moving home in June and cannot wait to put in some more work on the place! http://www.wayfarerfamily.com/wayfarer-cottage-summer-renovation-plans/

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