Adele + Max \\ Brushwood Stables Horse Farm Engagement Session

April 13, 2017

Adele Max Brushfire Stables Horse Farm Film Engagement Photos_0002Adele + Max’s engagement session was SO much fun to photograph! Their wedding will take place later this year at the same amazing property, Brushfire Stables, owned by Max’s grandmother, and we absolutely cannot wait! Adele is so vivacious, fashion-forward and full of life and Max is her steady rock – we loved seeing their personalities come out as we photographed them! And cue a freak out over getting to photograph a session fully surrounded by these AMAZING retired racehorses! We photographed them over Thanksgiving week when it was chilly out – we can’t wait to celebrate with them in September as they bring the wedding of the century to life! (Alongside our friends at Shannon Wellington Weddings – can’t wait to work with y’all again!!)
Adele Max Brushfire Stables Horse Farm Film Engagement Photos_0035



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