Annecy, France Film Travel Photography

March 20, 2018

Annecy is known as the “most beautiful lake in Europe” and after spending two days there, we wholeheartedly can agree!! This stunning lake in France shares a border with Switzerland and is the cleanest body of water in Europe, giving it the most stunning turquoise color! The glacier water from the nearby Rhone Alps feeds this lake and it’s a hotspot for locals and tourists alike in the warmer months! We rented a boat and spent an afternoon cruising around the blue waters of the lake, taking in the stunning mountains surrounding us and enjoying the warm sunshine. The old town of Annecy is straight from a fairytale, with castle turrets, winding blue water canals (its nickname is the Venice of France!) and picturesque restaurants, shops and hotels. My list of recommended things to do here is very small: rent a boat, wander the town, and enjoy yourself!! There are plenty of activities¬†¬†to satisfy every kind of traveler, and as the town is so small, the list of hotels is also small as well! We absolutely loved our brief time here and would recommend it to anyone looking to add a beautiful spot to your Switzerland or France roadtrip!



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